Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To be held ACCOUNTABLE thats why......

Ha then! i have finally figured you out BLOGS AWAY!!! i am entering the world of blogging...WHY? Because there have been toooo many things that i have come across lately that I would like to comment on and share with more than my own mind. I hope that it is a good thing that i do.

First I pray..Lord, i ask that you help me to see what I can do to honor You. I pray that by taking care of myself and my family I will be a blessing to You. I pray that You will open my eyes to the truth about the answers i seek and that I will be a positive force in others lives, allowing your light to shine through me. Help me to love others and have patience and kindness. In Your name I pray. Amen.

So often I find myself with new information and ideas and they sound great and I think I will change this bad habit, this lazy attitude, this negative thought! For a few days or so I feel empowered and ready to take on the world and then reality will take over, or does it? Is it just my lack of perseverance and willingness to go through some discomfort in change and extra effort that may not fit my mapped out life???? Is it excuse after excuse i offer myself as a comfort? Oh your a mom, you have young children, your income is limited, you don't have the time or the energy, let someone else figure it out.
WELL! I say to myself today maybe if you make these thoughts public and you have feed back both good and bad it will help to boost these changes that I believe in so much, that sound so real as they are coming out of my mind and make them a reality in my life. Why are we ( meaning I) so willing to just give up after a few days and be defeated. To take the excuses and make them reasons for not trying with all my might to make a change for the good to be proud and excited about your day, your life . to see the good these things have brought about in your family relationships.

How many more days and weeks are going to pass you (me) by before we (I) wake up and see that we are on a speeding train (life) and as we get older it is progressively picking up speed. We have gone from riding in a lovely open box car with fresh air and beautiful scenery about us in our youth to a bullet train where the windows only offer a blur of buildings and light and dark flickering as we pass it by. I crave this, i need this to stop! I wish to have these changes, to be in love with my life and to be able to realize this gift we have been given and enjoy it, and care for it the best I can.

So all that being said...(you scratch your head??what is she talking about???) Well i have decided to take this gift-Life that God has blessed me with. This body that God created and really think about what I am doing to it on a daily basis. The fuel i give myself, the thoughts i allow my head and the feelings that come from my heart.
I hope that in these blogs i can offer positive information and insight and maybe one person will take up the challenge to live life and not just let life go by.


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  1. Amen!! I am glad to see the prayer at the beginning because thats how we all are to begin ANYTHING WE do, say, be etc... is to seek HIS will before our own. What would the Lord have me(I,you) do. I'll be watching and reading to see just how the Lord will use you and your knew journey :o)And may I suggest to always end each blog with a verse, its extra encouragement ;o)