Monday, November 14, 2011


Heavenly Father, I pray that we all have great success today in all we put our hands to, that You are seen in us in all our actions and words big and small. Give us the will to go forward and be powerful and amazing and bring You the Glory~! Amen

I just wanted to make a quick blog post as it has been some time, life gets in the way as people have said. I have really been thinking alot about making things happen following through with my dreams and desires. I have had a desire growing in my heart for quite a while now and I am learning bit by bit what ethis is going to take. Alot of dedication, and perseverance and a huge amount of getting over the fear of failiure and not being able do it. So many excuses will pop into my mind all day long and reasons why my dream will never come to fruition, BUT i am learning that I will never get there if I dont keep moving forward with a positive attitude and keeping it in prayer and asking God for His help in this. I am also fully aware that when I hand things over to the Lord it may not end up as I envisioned it BUT it will be the best outcome I have ever dreamed of and IT WILL BE GOOD!

There are alot of things we learn to live with and get over, i think that regrets are the hardest and what hold us back from being our best awesome selves that God knows we are!!!

So as my AWESOME hubby would tell his friends " MAN UP!!! JUST DO IT!!!"
I am going to tell you the same, make your dreams a reality, set a goal and make a map and follow through, be aware it will take time but iff you stay on the road to your dream destination you will eventually get there!!!!!

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